Wild and Wacky Wednesdays

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It’s here, Wild and Wacky Wednesdays.  Wednesday in the USA is sometimes referred to as “hump” day because it is in the middle of the week.  Wednesday is the day where people are happy that half of their week is over.  Which in my book means your life is going by as you are not happy where you are.

This is why Wild and Wacky Wednesdays are so much better!  Let’s get wacky and be happy that we are here, breathing and alive.  If you cannot do this at work because of your profession, then I suggest you get wild and wacky in the morning before you go into work or in the evening when the day is over.  So what if you are unemployed?  You are still alive and things can only get better.  You will find a job you’ll love!  So let loose, and get wild and wacky in your own fun-loving way.

Give us some suggestions on how to get wild and wacky.  Sure we can do this with food and drink, but I thought of something better such as dancing to music you normally wouldn’t or go to the local park and running around laughing….how fun would that be?

Share your strategies with us so we can all feel motivated together by being Wild and Wacky on Wednesday!






Terrific Tueday!

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Good day all!

Its Terrific Tuesday!  How are my motivated friends?

Its so nice to be alive in this place and time.  I hope you are staying motivated.

Do you have goals?  If so I want you to be motivated in challenging yourself to accomplish your goal.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to stay motivated for your specific goal.  I would be happy to help you.

Write to me, lets keep in touch to keep everyone motivated!


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Do you believe in miracles? Have you had a miracle in your life? Can you share one with us or what you think about miracles?  I had a miracle when I survived breast cancer.  What is yours?  It can be about anything.  Please share so we can all enjoy and celebrate in your miracle.