Good Friday everday

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I know Good Friday is a Christian Holiday.  However I like the term “Good Friday” for motivation too.  I think everyday is good.  We should celebrate everyday as a “Good” day.  So join me on this “Good Friday” and make it a great motivational day no matter what your religious belief is.


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Have you learned anything new or exciting this week?  Learning is a great way to stay motivated.  Pick a topic you might want to know about.  Go to the library or get on the internet and research it.  You might find out something  you were not aware of.  See if there are books or classes on the topic.

When you have time, try and do this little exercise and see where it leads you.  Not only might it open up new worlds of wonder and knowledge, but you might meet new people along the way.

Please try this today.

Let us know how it worked out. 

Can’t wait to hear from you on this blog!

Good day?

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Did you have a good day today?  I did.  I am happy, but want you to be too.  Life can be a challenge.  We all have obstacles in our way.  Its knowing how to work your way around them that is the key to creating a better life.

Sometimes when you get to work the boss or a co-worker can say something to you that gets you down.  When this happens, think about why that comment bothered you.  You may not want to say anything to the person at the time.  This comment may have hurt your feelings, so you need to step away to gather your thoughts. Why?  Because now you know the source of the hurt and you can start to heal immediately.

For example:

A co-worker says something to the effect of “I heard the boss isn’t happy with the report you gave them”.  This instantly puts a seed of doubt into your mind about how the boss is going to treat you today.  You start feeling upset, angry and you want to avoid the boss.

Now what I say is to take that information, mull it over in your mind.

1. The information said to you is gossip.

2. The person telling you this is starting trouble between you and the boss.

3. How does this person have such personal information?

4. Did the boss tell them or say it to someone else?

Now what you need to do is go and see the boss.  Say good morning, how are you.  To see their reaction.  If they say come in my office and close the door, do this. Listen to them carefully.  If it is indeed about the report that they want to talk to you about, listen to them until they are done.  Then tell them what your co-worker said and ask how this co-worker would come about with such information about you.  Let them answer thoroughly.  Make it known to them in a polite way that you do not appreciate people gossiping about you.  You will work on the report and get it to be the way the boss wants.

Then politely tell the co-worker you did not appreciate their statement and to never let that happen again.

This is a way to assert yourself, keep you self respect and gain the trust of your boss.  The main thing is your happiness and good feelings about yourself.


Reply or comment on this whether you agree or disagree and why.  Thanks.



Sunshine Saturday

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Sunshine Saturday is today!!!!!!


Everyday should be a Sunshiny day, but today is Saturday and it is sunny where I am.  Even if it was cloudy and rainy in my world it is still Sunshine Saturday.  The most important thing to get motivation in life is to control your mind.  While it may be a bad weather day outside, inside your mind you want to think Sunny and good thoughts.  This will lead you to being motivated in accomplishing your goals of the day.

Please send me your thoughts on this, and don’t forget to sign under stay in touch so we can reach out to you.