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Your mind needs to be exercised just like the rest of your body.  First you need to know what type of a person you are.

Dan Miller has used personality reports with personal coaching and counseling clients for over 30 years. Good reports (not the little 10 word freebies) provide incredibly intuitive baselines for understanding yourself and leveraging your natural tendencies.

In seeking work you love, or just a more fulfilling life, start here. 85% of the process of finding the work you love is by looking inward–and there’s no better way to do that than to get a summary on your personality style!

We have a report for everyone:

  • 48 Days Standard Profile
  • Spiritual Gifts Profile
  • Values-Style Profile
  • Sales Profile

There are many personality reports available, but these specific reports are the best of their kind that Dan has found…and these continue to be our bestselling product!

Check out Dan Miller’s Personality profile to see what type you are!


  • Automated, online availability and the results provided immediately for you to download and save.
  • This is all done via your computer, nothing will be physically sent to you!
  • It provides multiple graphs on how you view yourself and how others experience you. Based on the DISC personality profiles, backed with years of validity testing.
  • Fun components such as a historical character match (are you more like Ghandi or George Washington?), Career Style (see how your personality affects how you are in the workplace), and an Action Plan to help you better communicate with others.

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