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Motivation is Magic!


Not the dimestore kind of magic.

The kind of magic where the perfect storm of circumstance fires on all cylinders,  creating opportunity, bringing together people and resources with a special delivery to you.  Perhaps not in the way you think. It may not be tidy, wrapped up with a beautiful bow. Oftentimes it’s messy.  And confusing.  And painful.

Motivation is that elusive something that energizes us, jumpstarts us – or keeps us moving when we don’t want to. Or think we can’t.

Sometimes, when life throws every piece of junk at us, it’s hard to keep going. Or even to stand up. Oh, yes. Life can bring us to our knees until we beg for mercy.

We know.

My Great Motivator was founded in 2010, by Debbie H, a breast cancer survivor who fought tenaciously against an aggressive cancer. And won.  As a matter of fact, she continues to win! The cancer is nowhere to be found. Over the course of treatments, Deb went through all the emotions associated with grief – and dying.

Because even though she was alive, her old self died.  It was neither an elegant process nor a pretty sight. But then … it happened. After several years in corporate and not-for-profit organizations, her long-time dream of being a high school teacher happened. By chance, by serendipity, and by preparation years before during nearly non-stop layoffs and downsizing, she planted the seed of her dream.  As with any seed, it took time to grow. In Debbie’s case, it took years. Watered and fertilized by facing death and recovering from another downsizing, the new role happened when she least expected it.

Like the legendary Phoenix, Debbie arose from the ashes of her old self, made anew with fire (in Debbie’s case her fire was chemo, radiation and downsizing).

Sometimes, you need to fall. Because when that happens, you get up again. You start fresh with lessons learned. And if you’ve gone through the journey conscious, with eyes, ears and heart wide open, amazing things unfold.

We’ve done it. You can do it, too.

My Great Motivator is your destination for motivation.

Destination is only part of it. To get to the destination, you must take a first step. Then another.  So, step onto a new path with us and start the journey into a new life.

No matter where you are on your journey, please come with us.

Sometimes we’ll lead. Other times we’ll follow. But we hope we’ll walk in each other’s shoes together, providing inspiration and motivation.  When the road forks or a new path begs discovery, you’ll be ready.


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