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Amy Leigh Mercee

Everyone needs to be motivated to have and enjoy a healthy life. Without health we are nothing. When you don’t feel well in body, mind or both you can never get yourself to be motivated about anything.

Believe it or not health starts in the mind. Without a healthy mind you will never be able to have a healthy body or life.

You can try every diet set out on the planet, it may work for a short time, but it will not be a life changer. The reason is because you have not incorporated a healthy mindset. Once you have a healthy mindset, a healthy body will follow.

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To achieve a healthy mindset you have to start with what thoughts are in your mind. You need to become conscious of your thought patterns. Sit right now and think for a moment. What are your thoughts about right now while reading these words? Are you thinking about something you did yesterday or said? Are you thinking about something you need to do? Or, something completely different. If you have a chance write down your thoughts right now.

Next thing you need to do is to start to think about what health means to you. What is the value in your mind you have about health?

  • Being skinny
  • Looking good in clothes
  • Looking “sexy”
  • Having others think you “look good”
  • Wearing clothes that you never could?

Make your own list. See what you wrote down. Compare it with the list above. Do any of the items on your list match the ones above or come close to them?

You may not realize it, but the values given to the list we outlined are given to us by society. There is nothing in nature that gives merit to any one of them. They are thoughts that are produced in our minds by outside forces such as television, advertising and people we associate with.

In a real sense they are all meaningless, except that we give them a meaning from our belief system. If you were born and raised in another country that is not the United States of America than you may have a completely different list than we do. Your society may not have put a value on “skinny” or “sexy” like it is here in the U.S. There was a time in history when being fatter meant you were “beautiful” because it indicated you had wealth. So as you can see this is all a matter of what value we put on things.

Health begins with your mind.  If you have healthy thoughts that can lead to living a healthy lifestyle.  Food choices are important as well as exercise.  To maintain a healthy body we need to eat right and work out.  This is important anywhere in the world.  Some countries walk more so that is their “work out”.  Others maintain their health through food they eat and work they do.

What about you?  Do you have a healthy lifestyle?  Do you exercise?  Tell us about your experiences.

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