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“When there are no ceilings, the sky is the limit.” –

Hillary Rodham Clinton,

former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and Democratic Nominee for President


No, this is not a political post.

Rather, it’s about life: your life.


Think back. How many times in your life did your negative thoughts entrap you? Maybe you didn’t realize it at the time, or perhaps you don’t even realize it now. But negativity constructs walls, topping them off with an impenetrable ceiling, creating a nearly indestructible box from which you can’t escape.


Or so you think.

Mind and thoughts are powerful entities. Emotions, too, generate their own power.

Together, they have the power to dictate your physical experience.


Yes, we face our own share of challenges every day. A challenge for one person might not seem like a challenge for another. It’s in the way we observe, process, and navigate the challenge. It’s our total capacity for life and everything it throws at us (or serves us). Some people have a large capacity and higher tolerance for challenge. Everyone has a breaking point, though, and most of us know when we’ve approached it: short temper, impatience, exhaustion, negativity.


But I know from experience – my own and others close to me – that optimism in the face of heartbreak, or soul crush, or physical illness helps to set the tone and the course of the outcome.


When we think in terms of limits – whether a ceiling, walls or a situation – we can’t see the way out. Such is the nature of limits. We limit ourselves in our thinking and outlook. We construct limitations for ourselves because we’ve probably never pushed ourselves to our real limits.


I’m convinced we don’t know what our real limits are until we are thrown into a situation, or until we unhook ourselves from our own tired worldview. I’m also convinced that optimism shines the light on possibilities, illuminating a new road or a new opportunity for us.


Being optimistic isn’t easy – but it gets easier when you develop the habit. Negativity is draining mentally, physically, and emotionally. Why go down the rabbit hole to the dark side? Re-train your mind to focus on positivity. Pay attention to your thoughts and your words. Pay attention to every thing, every situation. Keep your eyes and your heart open. Look at the world and yourself with positivity and optimism.


Pretty soon the ceiling and those walls will fade, and a blue sky with a shining sun breaks through or a wide open velvet night with stars sparkling comes into view. Both are beautiful, and both contain potential.


The sky is the limit – which is limitless.

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