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Today is Find-A-Rainbow day!

It’s an unofficial “national” day, the origins of which are cloudy, at best.

Nonetheless, today is an awesome day to see, appreciate and discover your rainbow.

Think about it:

A rainbow is a combination of sun and rain (water).  It connects Earth and water to the sky, through the air. All the elements are involved in creating this dazzling display.  It’s primal and elemental. It’s spiritual and ephemeral. It’s awe-inspiring and humbling.

What’s even more fascinating if you ruminate on rainbows a bit more:  Not only are they a combination and connector of the four elements, it’s also the collision of opposites:  wet and dry, light and dark. Without one, you can’t have the other.  And rainbows always appear directly opposite the sun.  Did you know that? Because the raindrops, mist, or dew reflects and refracts light, it gives us the resulting rainbow.

Like so many things in life, nature provides us something beautiful, but impermanent. Rainbows, like good days and bad days, are transitory. We can’t hold one in our hands. We can, though, observe a rainbow, appreciate it, be amazed by it, meditate upon it – and then it’s gone. Only the memory is seared into our brains. Sure, you may have snapped the most amazing picture, but the picture is a pale imitation of a rainbow’s true beauty.

But … it comes back.  Just when you need it. Sometimes when you’re not expecting it. Certainly not when you’re looking for it. At times, you’re faced with a rainbow head on, or other times you spy one out of the corner of your eye or when you hold your head a certain way. How many times have you seen one from one angle, and it either changes or disappears depending on your location or perception.

Just like life and everything in it.

Did you know that from an airplane, a rainbow isn’t a rainbow, but a full ring – a halo? A perfect, infinite circle


Think about this:

Where is the end of the rainbow?


You don’t know where the end of the rainbow is when you’re looking at it up close – or in it. Only at a distance can you see where the end of the rainbow is.  It’s the same when you’re looking for or traveling on the rainbow.  The more you look at the end, the more it moves.  It’s all about a change in perception:  sometimes you need to step back to discover the rainbow on which you’re journeying. The end result might not be the end at all – and perhaps, after all, the real reward is the journey.

But you must take that first step, regardless. Even if you’re afraid. Faith in yourself and the universe, you’ll know it when you’re there.

So, what does a rainbow symbolize to you?  What’s yours?

Yes, you can really be the rainbow. At least the commercial has that correct (as weird, catchy and somewhat disturbing those commercials may be).

To the Greeks and Romans, the rainbow symbolized a path made by a messenger (Iris) between Earth and Heaven.

In Chinese mythology, the rainbow was a slit in the sky sealed by goddess Nuwa, using different color stones.

Leprechauns anyone?

What does the rainbow symbolize to you?  Do any of these words resonate?











Good Fortune


Are you looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? How do you know when you get to the end? Is it home? Is it your true self? Or is it launching another journey on a different path altogether?

It’s one thing to see, and then it’s something else to REALLY SEE.  By this I mean seeing with not only your eyes, but your hear and your mind. A rainbow is so much more than it appears. It’s a beautiful promise by nature that there’s hope and provides a full spectrum of possibilities for your life.

Or, do you think of … The Wizard of Oz and “Over the Rainbow.”

Yes, The Wizard of Oz

Oh, the book and the movie. So beautiful in its complex simplicity (or simple complexity). Full of meaning and wonder, it has fascinated reader and movie goers, adults and children alike. But at its heart, it’s the story of having faith in oneself – and being in the midst of wonder as you go along the journey of discovery.

Like Dorothy’s trio of fellow travelers, we all look for what we need:


Courage – the Lion

Wisdom – the Scarecrow

Heart/Love –  the Tinman


In the end, Dorothy and her companions all find their power, their true selves, their  basic nature. And they learned from each other, assimilating the qualities for which they’d been so desperately seeking.

So, instead of continually looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, enjoy the journey along the rainbow.

And why not? With all the colors in the spectrum, life’s giving you every experience you need.  At times you might not want it, but it’s exactly what you need.

You just have to uncover and explore all the possibilities – and your own power. Everyone contains enough power, enough courage, enough heart and enough wisdom. You just have to believe in yourself and what you already have.

As Glinda the Good said to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz –

“You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along.”

So, slip on your ruby slippers, get onto whatever color brick road you want and travel along the rainbow.

Today’s the day to Find Your Rainbow.

May your journey be colorful!

–Syndee Barwick

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