Success – Shark Tank Part 2

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Louisa Eyler interview Part 2:  Shark Tank:  Rejection, Reality and Success



“Pay attention to the pennies, and the dollars will always make sense.”  –  Louisa Eyler

Now in its fifth season, Shark Tank is still swimming strong with over 7 million viewers on Friday nights, capturing the coveted 18-49 demographic rating for its time slot. What makes it so appealing? Perhaps it’s because the dream of so many people is to invent a great product or start their own business. Maybe it’s the great motivation and inspiration of seeing so many people stand in front of five Sharks to pitch their idea or product. Maybe you’re thinking, “If they can do it, so can I!”


Currently, Shark Tank is hosting open casting calls (the next one is March 7 in Austin, TX) for the next (and sixth) season of Shark Tank, so the timing couldn’t be more appropriate to continue our interview with Louisa Eyler.


In the meantime, take heart, entrepreneurs and wanna-be Sharks! Not able to get on Shark Tank or not chosen for Shark support? Read on, because entrepreneurial dynamo Louisa Eyler may be able to help you! (And in case you missed it, read Part 1 of My Great Motivator’s interview with Louisa here).


Prepare for success!




You said that you watch Shark Tank and call the contestants who do not get a deal. What motivated you to try that? How has that transformed your own life and business?


Shark Tank is very interesting, and I have a great desire to help the business owners that go National Television without being properly prepared. For example, the shows are taped 3-6 months in advance. If you know you are going to be on TV, you should have your website correctly functioning, your brand set on Amazon, and plenty of people on hand to answer the phone lines to take live orders.

I was contacted by Shark Branding in 2011, but as we already had global distribution and had no need to give up equity in our company, we turned down the opportunity. Since then, I watch the show weekly, and put a call in to contestants to offer my services at no upfront to the business owners. I am planning to work with CitiKitty, Hoodie Pillow, MyTreeTopper, Alaska Glacial Mud, and The Squirrel Boss. I just want to share the knowledge I have learned with others as everyone deserves a chance.




What are you working on now?


Right now I am working on a platform to take businesses from pitch to profit in 90 days. ( )We have assembled a solid team of experts in the field and an onsite training location where business owners can work with us side by side and retain full control of their businesses. We have some exciting new products launching soon that are of great benefit to others. One product in particular was invented and patented by a woman who watched her husband suffer through chemotherapy. Her product is going to improve end of life care for all nephrostomy patients.



Do your co-workers ever get discouraged? What do you do to inspire them?


My co-workers sometimes get discouraged because there is so much to do and so many facets of the business that each person must have an understanding of, so that all parts of the equation function properly. I require all of my employees to learn every position including mail order fulfillment, sales, accounting, and even product development. Much of the time we are learning together, and we have all had to learn that the more you fail the more you will succeed. All of our employees have the opportunity to start their own business with our full support after they have been on a project team for a go to market strategy that has been completely executed.



As a mentor, how do you encourage people to find their own course to success?


Success is a journey not a destination. As a mentor I encourage people to celebrate the moments and not the milestones. Moments happen every day, and a lifetime is too long to wait for some things that may never happen. I also try to teach others that when you worry about the pennies the dollars will always make sense and numbers never lie.



Is there anything else you want to share with our audience about yourself?


Never let your business or idea consume your life. Your children need you, your family needs you, your friends need you. Set boundaries for yourself and know that it is okay to say no. Know that more than anything else in the world YOU need YOU. The best way to take care of others is to be the best YOU you can be.



THANK YOU Louisa, for taking the time to answer My Great Motivator’s questions!


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